Moxi – Female


Moxi is a little fur baby that belongs to my girlfriend and her family! She is one of 6 doggies they own, and loves to go on walks and play with her miniature tennis balls.








 Gromie – Male


Gromie is the eldest of the

family of pups at my girlfriends

home. He is a calm and wise

dog that loves his spot on top

of the couch. Gromie also

enjoys eating carrots like the

rest of his siblings and

occasionally hangs out

underneath beds.

Yogi – Male


Yogi is a lively and happy spirit! He is a dog that likes

to pull while walking, but that is because Yogi has a

heightened sense for adventure! Yogi would travel all

corners of the world if he could and he is a great pup to

have around! You can see him here, taking a short

break from his hectic day! Not to mention, Moxi

enjoying the view as well.


Brownie – Female


Brownie is one of the most energetic dogs I have came across!

Given to my family as a gift from one of my cousins, Brownie

has matured into a very curious and courageous pup.  As you

can see in the picture shown, She is outgoing and nothing will

get in her way when she’s walking the sidewalks!

Koa – Male

(Right)Dog Sweater

Koa is a young adventurous boy! He belongs to a close friend of mine and Koa is a very close part of their family! They love to dress him in the cutest and most stylish apparel.  And I think it is safe to say, Koa loves to rock the clothes as well!





Tofu – Male


Tofu is an older and very intelligent dog. He belongs to

dog playing with a ballmy cousin and their family  in Monrovia! I  recently was able to see him at a family party and he still enjoys playing with his ball just as much from when he was just a little puppy. He has unlimited stamina when it comes to chasing his ball and is a very fun loving doggie.

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  1. Replyrob
    Hi Kam, I am a huge dog lover, I have two myself. Saved them from the pound when they were only 6 months old, that was ten years ago now. I would love to adopt more but my husband would probably divorce me. Have 2 dogs, 2 cats, rescue donkey and a goat. I also cringe when I see people who just don't no how to walk or handle there animals properly, thanks again . Joanne
    • ReplyKam

      Awesome to hear how much of an animal lover you are! Also a rescue donkey? THATS AWESOME! Best Wishes.


  2. ReplySherri Rodreques
    Hi Kam i am a huge dog lover and i have been rescuing dogs and cats for 12 years my web site is also about pets .i really like your layout your content is great alot of good information here good job .i wish a lot success.
    • ReplyAuthorKam
      Thank you very much! Kam
  3. Replyjeffrey16201
    Hello Enjoyed your post on the dogs, I have always been a huge doggy lover and I always have had at least one at all times in my family circle. I have a Rottweiler right now, 6 years old and I am concerned about his healthy being most of them only live until about 10 years old. I am feeding him natural dog food, no grains but still worried since he is starting to get some white hairs on his back now. Any suggestions of anything I could do to prolong his life as long as possible?
    • ReplyKam

      Hello, Being concerned with your dog's health is very important, I am glad you are asking for help! In your particular case I would use doggy supplements or carrots as dog treats! Both items can give your dog proper nutrition and vitamins! Beneful makes products that can help lengthen your dog's life expectancy.


  4. ReplyShirley
    Yes! Life is so much better with dogs, even if you have to borrow them from someone else! I have a cat who thinks he's a dog, which is hilarious because my dog really doesn't know what to think of that. Pets are such great people to have around, I can't imagine not having animals in my home.