How Much Of This Walking Stuff Can My Dog Really Take?








If you are a new dog owner, I’m sure you know that walking your dog is very necessary! But maybe you are not sure how much of this so called walking do we have to do…

So I’m not sure if you know, but dogs are animals of habit! They learn by doing stuff over and over again and that is actually the basics of how you can train your dogs trick. The same goes for walking! The more you take them out, the better they will behave and get used to being outside and interacting with the world.

We usually take our dogs out once a day around the complex in which we live! This part of the day is one of their favorites so I try and stay out as long as possible. Signs that I look for that its time to head back in side are:

  1. Your dog will start to walk slower
  2. increased level of panting
  3. sitting or laying down
  4. refusing to move


Although, we may never reach those levels of fatigue on our normal walks, it is important to know of the signs. If you are also planning to be out for extended periods of times (ex. parks,shopping,beach) it is a good idea to bring water and a bowl for your dog as they can become dehydrated rather quickly. If your pup is still using a collar during walks, we highly recommend switching to a harness. They are sold for cheap, while lasting long and adding comfort and safety. Click Here.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us directly.


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  1. Replyrob
    hi, thanks for your article I really enjoyed reading it. I have two medium sized dogs of my own and often take them on two short 25 min walks a day. Mind you their over 10 years old now so they don't need the really long walks anymore. Its good to get some hints as to when your dog has had enough as a lot of people have no idea. Thanks again Joanne
  2. ReplyBooBish
    That picture shows a lot of dogs, I assume from the same litter. Yes, now that the weather is warm and sometimes even hot, it's especially important to make sure dogs are kept well-hydrated during walks. Come to think of it, now that the weather is getting hotter, it's also a good time to promote not leaving dogs in cars, at least not for very long at all. Perhaps you can cover this issue in a future article.