Product: Wind Harness

Manufactor: Gooby Pet

Best Place To Buy:

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Gooby Dog Harness

The Wind Harness, made by Gooby Pet is one of their top dog

harnesses.  They are lined with padding  on the inside for extra

comfort for you dog.  They effectively take the pull of the leash away

from the neck away to prevent injury to your pup. They also come

in a variety of different colors from Black to Pink or Grey. They also

fit a range of doggies from sizes  XS (3-6 Pounds) to XL (27-35 Pounds).

I personally like all products made by Gooby and would recommend

their Wind Harness if your dog is the type that pulls you on walks!


Product: Puppy Pads For Pet Training

Manufactor: AmazonBasics

Best Place To Buy:

My Rating: 10 out of 10

If you are a new dog owner and are still in the process of training your new dog, using the training pads or “potty pads” are a must! At my household, we still put a couple out and Brownie is 5 years old! Although Brownie is potty trained, when the house can potentially be empty the whole day, it is better to be safe than sorry.  The only reason why I attached Amazon’s  version of potty pads is because you can get 100 pads for $17, while these pads are still absorbent and never damaged my floors!

Comments ( 8 )

  1. ReplyJohn
    Kameel, I prefer the harness over the collars as it is easier on the dog when walking. I like that the Wind Harness has a padded inside as this will make it much more comfortable on my pet. Does the price go up with the size of the harness. I have a larger dog and just would like to know. I like the fact that you have a large range of colors also. John
    • ReplyKam

      The product does go up in price a little bit with the increase of size of the dog. For example, the XL size is only a little over $31. Thank You.


  2. ReplyKegan
    This is especially important for some breeds of dogs such as Greyhounds and Whippets - I believe there is very specific collars and harnesses you need to use due to their longer necks and thinner physique to other dogs. I think this would be perfect due to the padding and harness style without being a full body harness like others that pull under the arms and torso!
    • ReplyKam

      Kegan, I agree with you and thank you for your feedback!


  3. ReplyMichel
    I was under the impression that harnesses were used on young pups and then they moved onto the regular chains as they got older. I also preferred walking our dog on a harness as he was more controllable. Now that he has outgrown it, I find it mission impossible to take him for walks. Maybe I should try looking for a bigger harness, like the one in this post.
    • ReplyKam

      Unfortunately that is the myth that goes along with these harnesses. However, it is not true & I highly recommend getting a bigger size to fit your current dog.


  4. ReplySanShar
    For smaller dogs, I think a harness is a much more appropriate and comfortable alternative. Putting small dogs on a leash via a collar can harmful. After all, smaller dogs are less prone to pulling as oppose to larger dogs. And, I just think a harness, especially like the one discussed here is much more appealing and enhances the Cute Factor of your little pooch.
    • ReplyKam

      I agree with you as well, however some big dogs are capable of pulling and require harnesses.