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The Best Healthy Snacks For Dogs

Healthy Dog Snacks

Healthy Snacks for Dogs

If you are a new dog owner or are just changing your pup’s diet, we have created a couple choices for a healthy daytime snack. However, it must be introduced to your dog at a young age, Carrots are our favorite healthy choice! The Benefits of giving carrots as your daytime snack include:

  1. Vitamin A
  2. Regularity – Preventing Canine Constipation
  3. Low in Fat & Calories
  4. Natural Cleaning of your Dog’s Teeth
  5. Beta-Carotene – Improves Coat Color & Eyesight

However, If you do not have the opportunity to introduce carrots at an early age to your dog, we have some other healthy snack options for you:

Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats

Best Place To Buy:

Price: Depends on size of bag ($4-$50)

I absolutely love this brand of Dog Treats! This brand of dog treats are good for any dogs and come in a bunch of different flavors! And when I say “a bunch”, I mean a lot! Everything from “bac’N’cheez” to “Chick’n’Apples”. Not only do they make different flavors to suit your dog but they are a healthy choice as well! They are baked with all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Which we know can go a long way with benefitting health.

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Dog Snacks

Best Place To Buy:

Price: $3.72 = 7.4 oz Pouch // $19.99 = 18.9 oz Pouch

How many of your dogs have bad “puppy breath” that can seem a little out of control? This doggy snack is made(and from personal experience with my dogs, WORKS!) to combat bacteria in your dogs mouth and reduce plaque buildup as well. I would definitely recommend this product for puppies with this problem as well as doggies without, to keep your dogs mouth healthy!

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How Often Should I Walk My Dog? Good Question!

  How Much Of This Walking Stuff Can My Dog Really Take?








If you are a new dog owner, I’m sure you know that walking your dog is very necessary! But maybe you are not sure how much of this so called walking do we have to do…

So I’m not sure if you know, but dogs are animals of habit! They learn by doing stuff over and over again and that is actually the basics of how you can train your dogs trick. The same goes for walking! The more you take them out, the better they will behave and get used to being outside and interacting with the world.

We usually take our dogs out once a day around the complex in which we live! This part of the day is one of their favorites so I try and stay out as long as possible. Signs that I look for that its time to head back in side are:

  1. Your dog will start to walk slower
  2. increased level of panting
  3. sitting or laying down
  4. refusing to move


Although, we may never reach those levels of fatigue on our normal walks, it is important to know of the signs. If you are also planning to be out for extended periods of times (ex. parks,shopping,beach) it is a good idea to bring water and a bowl for your dog as they can become dehydrated rather quickly. If your pup is still using a collar during walks, we highly recommend switching to a harness. They are sold for cheap, while lasting long and adding comfort and safety. Click Here.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us directly.


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New Dog Owner


I would like to formally welcome you to joining the Dog-Owning Community! Becoming the parent of a dog is a very important commitment. They require a lot of attention, love, and care to keep smiles on their faces! Thankfully, showing them that love and attention is one of the best parts!

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to bring your little pup up to date with their shots especially before exposing him/her to other dogs. Also be sure to puppy-proof your home before bringing the little fur baby in. For example, remove every thing your dog could possibly ingest that is harmful. You might also want to put away your shoes and other chewable items, because onceJovi, the dog in the night your pup starts teething, he/she will want to rip into everything to soothe the pain.

Once your pup is cleared for adventure(All Shots and maybe even a few training classes) it is important to start building his social skills. Like humans, Dogs must learn to be interactive and get along with other dogs in the earlier stages of their lives. Around one month to four months you may want to bring your dog to parks and on walks frequently! This early exposure to interaction will build your dog’s social skills with other dogs and people. Also note that while taking your dog(s) on walks do not forget to use harnesses and approved leashes. For more information refer to the Dogs That Pull While Walking post.

Lastly, I wish you & your new furry friend the best adventures a dog can find!

Best wishes,



Dog Walking

Dogs That Pull While Walking


Some dogs have a tendency to walk faster than you or use their body weight to pull you in a certain direction they want to go. It is important to know that nothing is wrong with these dogs! Although, some people will engage in professional dog training or DIY training to correct the issue. Dog Owners are taught to either change direction or stop walking once their dog starts to pull. However, I see this as a potentially harmful method of training IF you are not using the correct equipment…

You should always use a dog walking harness instead of a leash when walking your dog! Especially when you are training your dog not to pull. The harness fits around the chest of the dog instead of the neck. This minimizes the risk of neck injury and tracheal collapse. It will also eliminate the occurrence of your dog choking from the collar. You know, that awful gagging sound your dog makes when the collar obstructs their air flow…

The harness will only take you a few more seconds to put on; and your dog will thank you for the extra comfort and safety! They typically range from $15-$25 and are made by a variety of companies.

I hope you make the right decision to buy, or switch to, a harness in the future!

Best wishes,