Hello dog lovers!

My name is Kam and I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. At a young age, while kids were collecting baseball cards, I was putting together a binder of cutouts with my favorite dog breeds. I believe the relationship between a Dog and Human is one of a kind. If you are like me, join my journey to make their lives better by educating dog owners!

The Fur Babies In My Life
  • Dino (DEE-NO)                                                                                                                                                                                               Dino was our first family Dog. He was given as a gift to my parents when I was 5 years old! Dino was full of spirit and adventure and was the type of Dog that you can leave out on the front yard with no leash. Dino was my first doggy friend and he will always be remembered in my family.
  • Lily                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lily joined the family in 2001! She was a Poodle and Bichon Frise mix. Unlike Dino, she was very reserved and not very social. At the dog parks or on a walk, Lily had her own agenda and had no time for the other pups! Tragically, Lily had to be put to sleep due to heart conditions that was making life hard on her.  Lily will always have a special place in my heart, and in my family’s as well.
  • Brownie                                                                                                                                                                                                              We currently have one dog that was a gift, just like Dino! She came from my cousin who was expecting a baby and simply did not have time for the attention every dog deserves. We’ve had Brownie for a couple years and even though she’s a small Yorkie, she defends our house like Police Services Dog! Brownie is up and barking at every noise she feels is a threat. Brownie is also the type of dog that pulls the leash when on a walk. However, our harnesses protect brownie from choking while on a walk, allowing her curiosity and eagerness to remain strong.
The Reason I Started This Website

While I’m walking my dog, Brownie, or my Girlfriend’s dogs(who happens to have 6 perfect little fur babies) we always happen to notice dogs who are being hurt constantly by improper uses of leashes and collars. It saddens me very deeply to see that one of the best part of every dog’s day is extinguished due to improper equipment. I hope to educate dog owners to use the correct walking tools for a better experience for both the dog and their owners.

I hope the information on this website will be of use to you & you furry friend(s)

Best Wishes,



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  1. ReplyLeeah
    I also love dogs! My husband and I own four. They range in breed and size. I love using a harness to walk each of them. I don't feel like I'm choking them when and if they pull. For our biggest dog we are looking into an Easy Walk harness to help stop the pulling even more. She has been our hardest to teach leash manners! I'm hoping that because this harness hooks to the leash at her chest instead of her back, it will discourage pulling. Have you used this kind of harness before or do you know anyone that has? Does it help?
    • ReplyKam

      Although I have never used that type of leash personally, I have done some research on it. It is actually made for that reason that your dog is having trouble with. It is safe on the neck area and has a lot of similarities to a normal harness. If you dog is having trouble learning, it might be a product you want to go a try!


  2. ReplyHelen
    Kam, this is a very worthy website. I too have watched lots of poorly trained dogs being person handled on their leashes. And the pulling, wrapping the leash around legs and taking off and jerking the dog walker off their feet is not the dogs fault. If your website can improve this facet of dog life for even a few of the furry beasties it will be a very good site indeed. Keep the good work and words flowing. Ciao Helen
    • ReplyKam

      Helen, thank you so much for your feedback! It makes me happy to see that someone else agrees with my vision! Thank you!


  3. ReplyMichel
    Great idea for a website, and on a topic you are passionate about too. We have a dog of three years old and he was never trained to walk on a leash I don't think. When we put him in one he spends his time jumping around in circles and trying to chew it off, which makes walking him impossible. What would you suggest here?
    • ReplyKam

      They do make hard leashes with no slack so most dogs tend to stop biting on it. However, I enjoy playing with my dogs and using the leash as a toy! We use a leash which can embrace the bite of a dog and still looks stylish! Let me know if you would like the details on the product! If your dog continues to do this beyond the point where it is hard to make it down the block, I would suggest professional dog training classes.


  4. ReplyCarolynne
    Hi Kam I loved reading about your dogs. My family are thinking about getting a dog. Do you think that different types of dogs need a different amount of walking? What about the types of leashes? Would the one you have bought for your dogs be suitable for a small dog and a big dog? Are there other things we need to consider when walking a bigger dog? I would love your thoughts on walking a labrador. Are there different things to consider? Carolynne
    • ReplyKam

      Hi There! glad to see your interest! When it comes to leashes, I like to go with ones that are chew friendly for my pups because they occasionally like to run with them in their mouth or play with them! As for harnesses, they make all different kinds and sizes to suit you dog perfectly! Labs are great dogs to walk and are usually calm out! If your dog is good at socializing with him/her surroundings and is up to date with all shots then I would take her/him out once a day and the occasional dog park trips to increase social skills!